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Wise Old Hunter Lodge

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The Wise Old Hunter Lodge, with capacity for 8 guests, is a 1-1/2 story building with 6 twin beds and a queen bed. The downstairs has 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, dining area, family room, full bath and laundry room. The loft has 2 sleeping areas and a half bath.

There is a large open porch plus a BBQ deck with big split-log bar on the sunny, south end of the building. The lodge, with 1470 square feet of living area, has lots of Alaskan décor, including big game mounts caribou, Dahl sheep, moose, lynx, and wolverine.

P.S. The Wise Old Hunter Lodge was named as a result of events that took place on one of the family’s moose hunts in the Alaska Interior. On this hunt, the two younger hunters had to painfully learn to listen to the advise of the older hunter (their Dad), and at the end of the hunt, the two younger hunters were showing more respect for the "Wise Old Hunter."

You can read more about this and about other of the family’s Alaska big game hunts when you stay in one of Bear Paw’s vacation homes.