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Travel to Alaska: COVID-19 Testing Requirements Flow Chart

To clarify COVID-19 testing requirements for those traveling to Alaska, the Stale of Alaska has published a flow chart of the procedure. You can view the chart.

The flow chart may appear complicated when you first look at it, but with a little study you may find it helpful. One thing I would change on the chart is I would move the requirement to complete the Travel Declaration Form to before travel instead of after as shown on the State’s diagram, as that would be more consistent with the Mandate.

For visitors to Alaska, our opinion here at Bear Paw Adventure, is that your best option is the one indicated as Option 1 on the chart, that is to get tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of your departure and have the test report that indicates negative for COVID-19 in hand when you board the plane.

If Option 1 doesn’t work for you, then Option 3 is (in our opinion) the next best, that is get tested within 5 days of departure and have that report of negative for the virus when you board the plane.