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More Good News for Alaska Tourism - ON THE ROAD AGAIN.

The Governor of Alaska has issued COVID-19 Mandate 18, effective May 12th.  This Mandate modifies previously mandated restrictions that applied to travel within Alaska.  Mandate 18 permits, for all purposes, travel between Alaskan communities that are located on the road system or on the Marine Highway System. 

Previous Mandate 16, Attachment M, which is superseded by the recent Mandate 18, had prohibited non-household members from traveling between communities in the same vehicle. 

That stumbling block is now gone, and your family or group of friends can plan to share a rental car or van, even though you may live in separate households back home.

Some social distancing requirements still apply while traveling. And there are still restrictions on travel to remote Alaskan communities, but this is not likely to affect most recreational travelers to Alaska. 

So, plan to get “ON THE ROAD AGAIN”, as the song goes, and enjoy The Last Frontier!