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COVID-19 Alaska Mandates and Your Travel to Alaska in 2020 - Update May 8, 2020

Alaska COVID-19 Update May 8, 2020 – Good News!

The governor of Alaska has issued Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan Phase 1-A.  This Mandate 016 is effective April 24, 2020.

Then today, Phase 2 of the plan goes into effect and further lifts capacity  restriction for these businesses. .

The plan allows reopening of listed businesses that were initially required to cease operations under the Governor’s previous Mandates

Of particular interest to tourists are the reopening of:

·         Public facing businesses,

·         Retail businesses,

·         Dine-in restaurants,

·         Fishing Charters,

·         Lodging and overnight camping,

·         Intrastate Travel,

·         Outdoor day activity,

·         Social, Religious and other gatherings, and

·         Swimming pools (Phase 2)

Some forms of social distancing are still required for some businesses and various other rules may apply, such as, capacity restrictions, use of cloth face masks for employees and advance reservations.

But the good news is that this is a promising step in reopening Alaska for a fun-filled summer of healthy adventures.