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Our heart goes out to those who have been affected by the coronavirus and especially to the families that have lost friends and loved ones. 

On the internet, I see that business in the travel industry are responding in different ways to cancelations made necessary by COVID-19 travel restrictions set by various government agencies.  Some travel industry businesses are offering full refunds, while others are sticking to their standard policies.

We at Bear Paw Adventure will continue to comply with all government restrictions and suggested best practices that are applied in response to COVID-19.   And with respect to cancelation charges, we are offering no-fee rescheduling of stays or, where that doesn’t work, a full refund of lodging payments we received for stays scheduled within an effected time period.  We have already refunded all payments made for lodging reservations with us in April 2020 and will be watching May carefully on behalf of our customers.

In addition, if Alaska adventures were scheduled for you during your stay at Bear Paw Adventure, we will do our best to get a full refund for you from those adventure service operators, or reschedule your activity to time that works for you.

The above revision for our refund policy for cancelations required by COVID-19 restrictions will apply for the rest of 2020.  So don’t let uncertainty about travel restrictions stop you from booking your stays at Bear Paw Adventure and from having FUN IN ALASKA in 2020.

John at Bear Paw Adventure